Mission Statement: The mission of SANDS Cricket Association is to organize local, national and international leagues to play cricket tournaments and Encourage the teams to give their 100%.

Name: The name of the association is SANDS CRICKET ASSOCIATION referred herein after as S.C.A.

Fees: Fees will be determined based on numbers of teams participation.

Disclaimer: S.C.A Reserves the rights to revoke membership from the league based on discipline, failure to pay dues or conduct behavior that is deemed detrimental to S.C.A.

Game Timings: 9:00 A.M. to 12 P.M. & 12:15 P.M. to 3:15 P.M (Subject to change)
                         Team should be @ the ground by 8:30 A.M. Toss @ 8:45 A.M, Game begin @ 9:00AM

                          If the game does not start @9:15 A.M. there will be 1 over penalty for each 5 minutes until 10:00 A.M.

                          After 10:00 A.M. the missing team will forfeit the game and 2 points will be awarded to the team present at the ground.

                         Same late rules apply for the afternoon game.

Rules of the Game:

All teams are required to wear a team uniform, at least the shirt should be dark color since white ball will be used. All teams must have safety gear, a first aid kit and have all playing equipments in good working condition at all times.
All teams must carry general liability insurance, medical insurance, property damage insurance and any other kind of insurance. S.C.A will not be liable for any kind of liability to any one.
All players must sign the “Waiver & Release” form.
S.C.A. must have the participating team roster of at least 15 players and maximum of 20 players at least one day prior to the start of the game. The names of the players should be given as they appear on their identification (I.D.). To qualify for quarter final, semi final and final, the players must have played at least  three games. Players are not allowed to swap teams once they have played the first match under one team. Roster will be locked after five games. (Subject to change)
Player’s name verification may be requested by the umpires or the S.C.A. official at their discretion or in an event a complaint is made before or after the game.
Captain shall submit two lists of players (Complete Names) who are playing  the specific games to umpires.
The designated home team is required to prepare the ground 15 minutes before the scheduled game time and is responsible to collect equipments from the field.
All teams should be on the field on time, in order to make the toss, at least 7 players from the team shall be physically present on the field. If the game is delayed by 15 minutes, 3 overs will be deducted from the delayed team as a penalty. If the 7 players are not physically present on the field within 30 minutes from the scheduled start time, the match will be forfeited and full 2 points will be awarded to the team present at the filed for the game. If both of teams are late, then each 5 minutes will be considered as 1 over and it would be deducted from the 20 overs.
Trash shall be collected and playing field must be cleared after each match to avoid any penalties, otherwise 1 points would be deduct from both teams.
The maximum overs bowled per side are 20 overs. Each bowler can not exceed more than 4 overs per innings. If the bowler gets injured during his spell, in the case the other bowler can finish the over.In any case, no bowler will be allowed more than 4 overs.
Winning team is given 2 points per match in case of a tie , each team will get 1 point.
Point will be equally divided due to weather cause, if the game cannot be finished, it will be re-scheduled once, otherwise; the points will be equally divided.
13.Leg Umpire to be provided by the batting side with no fee. (Subject to change)
14. At the end of each match the umpires will reconcile the score card and get an acknowledgment from the captains of the both teams.
15.No physical or verbal abuse, no alcohol drinks or smoking permitted on the fields.
16.No refunds will be given under any circumstances.
17 .
Please note that umpire as a human being can make a mistake, even then, his decisions are final and binding under all circumstances. Argument with the umpire will not be allowed at any time. Strict actions will be taken against the teams who argues with the umpire at any time. If you have a complaint against the umpire you can file it with the S.C.A.
If there is a no ball because of over stepping next ball will be free hit.
19.Man of the Match will be picked from the winning team.
If the pitched ball bounces 2 times before the stumps it will not be considered a “no ball”.
If there is Surra ( A pitched ball that does not bounce at all) then it will be given out. No dead ball.
The ball must be left with the umpire after finishing the game.
Head umpire can overrule the leg umpire decisions, in that case. The leg umpire will leave the field and another player will replace the leg umpire.
Score sheet must be correctly and accurately filled out by both teams, S.C.A. and Umpire will not be responsible for any mistakes. Changes will not be allowed, once the captain has signed the score sheet.
25.Run out by the bowler, there is no warning, batsman will be given out, if he is outside of the crease, but the bowlers action should be under arm.
Umpire decision is the final decision under all circumstances. Only the team captain or the team manager can talk to the umpire in any dispute.
Game is interrupted due to the weather, decision will be based on D/L method. Condition- 7 overs have been bowled in second inning to use D/L method.

Code of Compliance Committee: One member from each team will serve on the committee. 

Semi-final and final: In the event, team finishing on equal points, the right to play in the semi and  finals will be decided in the following order of priority:

             (a) Team with more wins in the league will be qualified first

            (b) If any game is tied, the game will be decided on a super over and the last team batting will bat first.

            (c) If tied again the points will be divided.

League Disqualification: A team would be disqualified from the league for the following reasons:

             a) Smoking, drinking alcohol on fields

             b) For arguing with the umpire, other players and S.C.A. officials

             c) For breaking the S.C.A rules

             d) Due to physical or verbal abuse

            e) Players walking off the field while the game is in progress

Complaints: Teams captains can file a complaint to S.C.A. at any time.

There will be no refunds of the fee under any circumstances. The S.C.A decisions will be final in any disputed situations. Umpire decision will be the final decision in all circumstances. The S.C.A rules and regulations, league schedule are subject to change without prior notification.